How to earn points?



  1. 登記成為會員
    新會員於網上註冊可即時獲 2000 積分
  2. 追蹤我們 instagram 專頁(@moono_hk) 可即時獲 500 積分
  3. 於我們的K11 Musea 店舖 和網店購物
    網上及店舖消費 $1 可獲 1 積分
    K11 musea 店舖購物時,告知店員想紀錄消費賺取積分,提供已登記會員姓名及電話號碼/電郵,讓店員作進一步跟進。
  4. 生日回贈優惠
    會員於生日可獲 5000 積分
  5. 推薦朋友
    推薦朋友及被推薦朋友均會獲取$20 折扣優惠



How to earn points?

  1. Register a member
    Signing up and you can earn 2000 points as entry rewards
  2. Follow our instagram page (@moono_hk) and earn 500 points as a reward
  3. Shopping at our K11 Musea store and the online shop (
  4. Birthday Delights
    Member will get 5000 points on your birthday
  5. Referral Friends Rewards
    Referral friends and you gets HKD$20 off coupon reward once the friend makes their first order.

*points earning and redemption are for members only
*no points can be earned from payment settled by cash voucher, gift voucher or points