How to redeem and use points?


1. 點擊位於網頁右下角的圓形按鈕「Membership」圖示並登入您的會員帳戶
Click on the round pop-up button, “Membership”, located at the bottom-right corner of the webpage.



2. 然後按「way to redeem」按鈕
 Click “way to redeem


3. 按「Redeem」按鈕 
Click “Redeem


4. 按「Apply code」按鈕 
Click “Apply code

5. 你可以網上購物並於購物車享用折扣碼
Enjoy your shopping and discount code will be applied when you check out


*積分只限於moono網上購物兌換 points redemption only available at online purchase.
*積分兌換不適用於K11 Musea 店舖購物 points redemption cannot be used at K11 Musea store.
*在任何情況之下,已使用的積分並不會退回。point will not be refunded after redemption in any circumstance
*Moono (Advanced Vegan Food LTD) 將保留最終決定權
In case of any dispute, moono (Advanced Vegan Food LTD) reserve the right of final decision.